Back-to-Work Style

Who says kids get to have all the fun with all their back-to-school shopping?





How do you think you'll be spicing up your wardrobe this season? Are you trying out any new styles or sticking to what you own and love?

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"Making the Cut"

A good tailor is a super-toned woman's best friend. Here are some small alterations that have a big impact:

At the shoulders: Remove padding from blazers and jackets. Also, if a top has a center seam down the back, it can be let out for a more generous fit.

In the arms: You may have to buy a size (or two) up to accommodate shoulders, but don't leave sleeves hanging; the more fitted they are, the more tailored your whole look will be.

At the waist: Maximize curves by taking in extra fabric around the stomach.

In the thighs: Hem skirts and dresses so they hover around the knee. A-line styles and pencil skirts made of stretchy fabric skim over prominent quads.

[Source: Oprah Magazine.]

At Alter Creations, we've worked on these kinds of alterations, and many more. Contact us today to see how we can help you renew your wardrobe.

Project Runway: We Want Mondo

My daughter and I had been watching the latest season of Project Runway faithfully (with the help of our DVR, that is) and recently tuned in to watch its season finale. Overall, we agreed with the judges' decision of scrapping Andy; he's a sweetheart but there wasn't much "Andyness" going on at the show. And whatever Andyness he did bring could be potentially hard to market.

So then there was Gretchen and Mondo. We loved Gretchen's open backs and thought her clothes were a really refreshing alternative to Utah's somewhat dry fashion options. And I personally thought her color palette was totally me. But that is where our love for Gretchen dies because we couldn't stand her attitude throughout theseason. We felt her permanent talking down on her colleagues (while she never admitted to any wrongdoings) was just so "ugh" and like she didn't have anything better to do. She'd always discuss how X was missing something or Y didn't have much talent and we just got very sick of it. Granted, we liked her clothes, but she'd be one of those designers people couldn't stand working with. Yes, she's also talented and a hard worker, but you gotta get along with people, no? I wonder whether the judges' final decision sent a message that her behavior could ultimately get rewarded. I hope not.

Now look at Mondo. My daughter and I LOVED him, his clothes, and his humble attitude-- that was something that needed to be rewarded! And while it's true we'd tone some of his ensembles down to make them more accessible to our own day-to-day trends, unlike Nina and Michael, I do believe his clothes have great market potential. Aren't people today looking for their own statement pieces that can make their look instantly runway-worthy? I know my customers and I always want something to help us stand out from the crowd (like Mondo's clothes)-- not match that crowd (which Gretchen's would do). But what do I know? I'm only a tailor who has also been designing clothes for 20+ years.

So there's my take. Overall, I found Gretchen's poor attitude detracted from her clothes, and also that Mondo's extravagantly great taste may just as well be what we all need to cure our frequent wardrobe blues.

What did you think? Comment away and as always, thanks for visiting!

Part 6 | How To Dress YOUR Body: Hourglass Shape

This is the LAST of a six-part series about how different body types can look amazing, not by wearing what's "in," but rather by following a few simple rules and wearing what looks good on them. (Courtesy of Margaux Tartarotti's The Fine Art of Dressing.) 

An hourglass figure is characterized by a pronounced bust, small bone structure, a defined waist, curved hips, sometimes protuding buttocks, and shapely legs. So if your body resembles that description, then you've got curves that need flaunting! Halle Berry is a good example of an hour-glass shape.

  •  Avoid oversized and baggy styles, which will actually disguise your delicate bone structure.
  •  Do draw attention to your waist with waistbands, belts, or wrap tops that tie at the waist.
  •  Also avoid wearing clothing that is too fitted; semi-fitted is the most slimming and tasteful for your figure.
  •  You have a dream figure (really!), so make sure to never complain and take advantage of your curves and the clothes they allow you to wear!

I definitely enjoyed writing this series and I hoped you found them cool and informative. As always, I welcome your comments. Also, keep visiting later posts where I'll keep exploring the fine arts of tailoring,  fashion, and all that makes us look good. Thanks for stopping by today and make this day your best!

    Part 5 | How To Dress YOUR Body: Straight Shape

    This is the second to last of a six-part series about how different body types can look amazing, not by wearing what's "in," but rather by following a few simple rules and wearing what looks good on them. (Courtesy of Margaux Tartarotti's The Fine Art of Dressing.) Enjoy!

    A straight body shape is characterized by an upper and lower torso that are equal in width, an average bust, a large rib cage, a somewhat undefined waist, flatter bottom, and slender legs. All this makes your legs are a great asset that you must show off!
    •  Avoid belts, which will accentuate your thicker waist.
    •  Dresses that are looser in the mid-section are a great option. Try a sheath dress or shirtdress type style!
    •  Try V-necklines which are slenderizing and elongate the neck. And any neckline that falls below the collarbone will also help to elongate your neck.
    •  Try longer jackets with a shorter skirt to help visually lengthen the upper torso.
    •  Dropped waist skirts elongate the upper torso and will also help slenderize it.
    •  Avoid very gathered or heavily pleated fabric at the waist.
    •  Try straight and long tailored skirts paired with a longer tunic top or semifitted pants/jeans with a longer top.
    There it is! Know any more great tips? Share them in the comments and hope to see you soon! Thanks for visiting, by the way!

    Part 4 | How To Dress YOUR Body: Inverted-Triangle Shape

    This is the fourth of a six-part series about how different body types can look amazing, not by wearing what's "in," but rather by following a few simple rules and wearing what looks good on them. (Courtesy of Margaux Tartarotti's The Fine Art of Dressing.) Enjoy!

    Ladies who sport an Inverted Triangle body shape are characterized by their broad shoulders, a medium to full bust, average waist, narrow hips and shapely long legs. This body type shows your great legs and hips that allow you to wear those hip-"enhancing" styles. Plus, they're practically blessed with a flattering top so they can show off those curves. (Jamie Lee Curtis is a good example of an inverted triangle shape.)
    •  High set in sleeves, such as raglan or dolman sleeves, visually narrow wide shoulders.
    •  Patch pockets balance wider shoulders.
    •  Flared skirts or pants flared at the hemline actually balance the wide shoulders.
    •  A low slung belt will help attract attention to the hips, balancing your figure.
    How did that sound? Know of any great tips? Comment away and thanks for stopping by!
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